JOVIAN | Fabric Mask Hijab Series Head Loop, Jet Black Copper


  • Fabric
    • Stretchable antidust dual tone copper woven fabric
    • Unisex for adults
    • With non-woven filter pocket and attached strap
    • With matte gold ‘Jovian’ ring emblem
    • Jet Black Colour
  • Size
    • Free size, unisex for adults
  • Material
    • 6% Spandex Polyurethane
    • 87% Polyester
    • 7% Copper Yarn
  • Description
    • Made and certified in Korea Copper infused technology fabric
    • 99.9% effective antimicrobial action against viruses including Covid-19
    • Breathable
    • Droplet protection
    • Hypoallergenic
    • UV Protection
    • Continuously self-disinfecting
    • Kills and inactivates virus upon contact
  • Washable
    • hand wash with cold water
  • Non-woven fabric filter
    • 5 non-woven filter.
  • Packaging
    • Single washable mask with 5 non-woven fabric filter refills

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Introducing Jovian Fabric Copper face mask that is infused with high grade actual copper yarn which provides full antimicrobial effect against viruses and bacteria including COVID-19 on transmission. Proven its ability to diminish bacteria, viruses and fungi, the copper is graded and registered under EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as a public-health safe to use. How it works ? the fabric copper face mask continuously cleans and always disinfect itself without your helping hand needed, aiming to one goal which is to clean and inactivates all viruses and bacteria trapped onto its surface all day everyday every second .

Our Jovian Fabric Copper face Mask is the latest innovation which is patented and has 99.9*% effectiveness against viruses including COVID-19. The fabric is made and certified in Korea and has undergone vigorous testing and endorsements by KOTITI (Testing, Research and Certification Institute designated by KAS - Korea Accreditation System). This mask retains its optimum copper infused efficacy up to 45 washes. We provide real solutions in real time for your convenience and optimal safety standards. Your safety is our priority. Stay safe and grab yours today.